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Assess Yourself

This step helps you discover and organize all of your skills, interests, and values that are necessary to explore the world of work and present yourself to a potential employer. It is a good idea to do this step every year, even if you have a job, since you may have gained new skills, or your interests and values may have changed.

What is an assessment? An assessment helps you learn about yourself, and find occupations that will suit you. There are several assessment tools provided in this step. These include:

Why should you assess yourself? It is important to know which direction fits you before you look for a job or go to school. After you've assessed yourself:

  • You will make better career and school decisions.
  • You can present yourself better to employers.
  • You can show employers and schools how your interests, skills, and values fit the job or program.
  • You save time and money in your job search.
  • You are more likely to perform better at a job that interests you.

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